About BM Clinics

Our vision

B-M Clinics is committed to being the highest quality provider of multidisciplinary treatment and sports injury rehabilitation in the region. It is also our commitment to provide our employees with a healthy, positive and dynamic environment in which they can work and grow professionally and personally. We deliver exceptional patient care, personal service and value and provide a quality integrated health network, linking with medical and other allied health providers.


Our mission

B-M Clinics mission is to enhance the overall physical health, mental health and quality of life of adults and children by treating and educating them with high quality, comprehensive and individualized multidisciplinary services. We fill the gap for patients who demand the highest level of care and the most personalized attention available. We continuously strive to return every patient to the pain-free level of comfort to which they are accustomed. We have an extensive commitment to continuing education in order to provide our patients with the most current treatment techniques.


Our values

Our aim is to help people achieve optimal performance and function. In doing so, we abide by the following set of values.
• PATIENT-FOCUSED CARE: We place great emphasis on individualized care and treatment. Every patient is administered treatment based on his/her consultation and assessment reports. This way, we address the issue of every patient at the very core.
• HIGH LEVEL OF SAFETY: We take extra precautions to ensure that our facility is risk-free, safe and secure for both patients and healthcare provides. Our safety guidelines strictly adhere to national and international regulatory standards
• Respect for all. We respect our colleagues and our clients.
• Clear purpose. We have a sharply defined sense of purpose, to care for our clients, assisting them in attaining their optimal performance and function.
• Genuine relationships. We build genuine and long-lasting relationships with our patients.
• Never ending improvement. We are 100% committed to providing the highest standard of care for our clients. We value constant and never-ending improvement.